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remier Community Development Corporation (PCDC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)  community organization designed to improve housing, economic development, and quality of life in Ward 5, Washington, DC. PCDC consists of local residents interested in comprehensive, long-term community development and revitalization.  PCDC is committed to building and sustaining a healthy community and seeks to work collaboratively and in partnership with other organizations.

With a significant amount of under- and undeveloped land in Ward 5, citizens can expect continued development within Ward 5 borders. PCDC, working with others, wants to ensure that the right development, the right design takes place at the right location.  PCDC wants to see that local residents have a voice and a role in all development in the ward using public funds.  Additionally, PCDC intends to assist in promoting local and small businesses.  PCDC is available to help attract new quality businesses and encourages shoppers to support quality local businesses to keep money circulating in the

District of Columbia, particularly in the Ward 5 community in order to add to the city’s revenue base. 

Furthermore, PCDC believes that affordable housing is essential to sustaining a diverse and world class city. Therefore, PCDC wants to help maintain an inventory of affordable housing and assist in keeping communities that stable, safe, and clean.  Finally, it is important that the next generation of young people be trained in civic leadership and community participation. PCDC embraces that role of mentor, trainer and coach. 

Furthermore, we must train those who need competitive skills to thrive in an ever-changing community.

Think PCDC.  These are the activities to which PCDC is committed.

Affordable Housing and Homeownership Opportunities

•§         Home Repair for Seniors or Low Income

•§         Retrofitting Homes for Seniors and Disabled

•§         Homebuyer Education & Financial Literacy

•§         Single Family Rehabilitation

•§         Foreclosure Prevention

Economic & Commercial Development

•§         Support ReStore DC & Main streets for

Rhode Island Ave., NE

•§         Coordinate Community Partnerships in economic development projects

•§         Increase Commercial Revitalization

•§         Promote Local Small Business Development Enterprises (LSBDE)

Community Enhancement, Stabilization, & Revitalization

•§         Community Forums

•§         Economic & Financial Literacy Training

•§         Civic Education and Youth Leadership

•§         Public Art by local Artists

•§         Organic Food Coop

•§         Neighborhood Gardening Competition

Premier Community Development Corporation (PCDC)


Improving Housing, Economic Development, and Quality of Life


                                1309 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E., Suite B  ~  Washington, DC 20018


                                           Phone: 202.540.0247 ♦





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Premier Community Development Corporation, Washington, DC


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