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On the east:                Montana Avenue
On the south:              New York Avenue
On the west:              Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
On the north:              Rhode Island Avenue


History and/or Description of Community

Brentwood is a neighborhood in Northeast Washington, DC and is named after the Brentwood Mansion built at Florida Avernue and 6th Street NE in 1817 by Robert Brent, the first mayor of Washington City. He built it as a wedding present for his daughter Eleanor on her marriage as second wife to Congressman Joseph Pearson. The mansion stood on a large expanse of land, a farm owned by Mayor Brent, that also went to Eleanor. Congressman Pearson also purchased additional properties and expanded the estate further. The property then known as Brentwood was larger than the present neighborhood known as Brentwood.

It is best known as the site of the Joseph Curseen Jr. and Thomas Morris Jr. Processing and Distribution Center, the postal mail sorting facility through which anthrax-contaminated mail addressed to two members of the U.S. Senate passed in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Curseen and Morris were postal workers who died after exposure to the anthrax in the incident.

The area also is the site of a major rapid transit rail maintenance facility of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), the principal public transit operator in metropolitan Washington, D.C.

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Metro Stops
Rhode Island Avenue/Brentwood

Premier Community Development Corporation, Washington, DC


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